Booking your guest tickets for graduation

When you register for graduation via MAP, you are asked to state how many guest tickets you would like. Please do not assume that your request for tickets on MAP is the same as actually booking the tickets - you will still need to book tickets via the Birmingham Town Hall Box Office at a later stage. 

Seating in the Birmingham Town Hall Auditorium is limited so we are restricted on how many tickets we can offer you. 

Please remember when deciding how many guest tickets you require that you DO NOT need to include youself. Your seat has already been pre-allocated to you. Therefore you DO NOT need a guest ticket for yourself.

Every graduand can request up to four guest tickets (in addition to your own seat which has already been pre-allocated to you). The first two tickets will be free when you book the tickets with the Town Hall Box Office.  The other two tickets cost £10 each. All tickets including the two free ones need to be booked with the Birmingham Town Hall Box Office. 

After Graduation Registration on MAP has closed, the Graduation Office will contact you via email with the date and time of when the Box Office will open and give you further information about how to book your tickets. You will find out at this point whether you have been allocated any extra £10 tickets and these tickets can be purchased from the Box Office at the same time as you book your two free ones.  Please note that a £2.50 fee per transaction will be charged on all bookings and a £1 fee for postage, except purchases made in person at the Box Office.

Please do not contact the Box Office to obtain guest tickets before the Graduation Office has emailed you with further information about tickets as the Box Office will not allow you to book tickets.

Please be aware however that extra tickets ARE NOT GUARANTEED.
Extra tickets are allocated on a first come, first served basis (according to the date you registered for graduation via MAP). Therefore, please do NOT encourage any guests to book airline tickets or hotel accommodation without confirmation from the Graduation Office that your request for extra tickets has been successful.


Please also note that guest tickets are not transferable and cannot be sold or passed on to a third party. Should you book but no longer require the guest tickets, they should be returned to the Box Office so that they can be reallocated. The Box Office provides the University with ticket booking information and all bookings are carefully monitored.  Any guest tickets obtained without permission will be voided by the Graduation Office.

There is strictly no admission to the Birmingham Town Hall Auditorium without a guest ticket. Please also be aware that there are no overflow facilities (the ceremonies are not filmed or web streamed).

Children under the age of seven years WILL NOT under any circumstances be admitted into the Birmingham Town Hall (regardless of whether you have managed to obtain a guest ticket for them) as these ceremonies are not suitable for young children. 

If you do not book guest tickets in good time, then the Graduation Office will assume you have changed your mind about attending your ceremony and amend your details to in absentia. 


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