Booking your guest tickets 

How many tickets do I get?   

Each graduand is guaranteed two free guest tickets for their ceremony. Please note that you do not require a ticket for yourself as your seat as a graudand is automatically allocated.  

How do I book my guest tickets?  

Your two free guest tickets will need to be booked via the Birmingham Symphony and Town Hall Box Office. Tickets will be available to book online, over the phone or in person. 

To book online, you will need to create an account with the Town Hall. Click here for instructions about how to set up an online account.

Further information about how to book your tickets through the Birmingham Symphony Hall Box Office will be provided by the graduation team by email closer to the time.  

Are additional tickets available? 

Seating in the Town Hall Auditorium is limited. Additional tickets are often extremely limited and cannot be guaranteed. Any unsold tickets will be made available once all graduands have had the opportunity to book their two free guest tickets. Any extra tickets will be charged at £10 each and if they do become available, these tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

If any guests are travelling from overseas, please do not book flights before securing ceremony tickets.

Key ticket release dates for July 2016 ceremonies 

Ceremony day (2016)

Student on sale date – 2 tickets per student

General on sale – any remaining tickets for all ceremonies

(no limit)

PROMOTIONAL CODE – to be used by students to claim 2 free tickets

Monday 18th July

Monday 20th June

Monday 4th  July


Tuesday 19th July

Tuesday 21st June

Tuesday 5th  July


Wednesday 20th  July

Wednesday 22nd June

Wednesday 6th  July


Thursday 21st July

Thursday 23rd June

Thursday 7th  July


Friday 22nd July

Friday 24th June

Friday 8th  July


Please note that guest tickets are not transferable and cannot be sold or passed on to a third party. Should you book but no longer require the guest tickets, they should be returned to the Box Office so that they can be reallocated.

The Box Office provides the University with ticket booking information and all bookings are carefully monitored. Any guest tickets obtained without permission will be voided by the Graduation Office.

There is strictly no admission to the Birmingham Town Hall Auditorium without a guest ticket. Please also be aware that there are no overflow facilities (the ceremonies are not filmed or web streamed).

When will I receive my guest tickets?

Guest tickets will not be posted or given out at the Box Office counter until the general sale release date has passed. Tickets will not be posted overseas. Any graduands living overseas and travelling back to Birmingham for their graduation ceremony will be able to collect their tickets from the Town Hall on the day of their graduation ceremony. 

What if my guests are bringing children?

Children under the age of seven years will not be admitted into the Birmingham Town Hall Auditorium (regardless of whether you have managed to obtain a guest ticket for them) as these ceremonies are not suitable for young children. Any guest above the age of seven will require a guest ticket to enter the Hall. To ensure the safety of all guests, in no circumstances can a child be seated on a guest’s lap. Any guest under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. 

Transaction fee, charges and limits

A £3.00 fee per transaction plus optional postage fee will be charged on all ticket bookings, except purchases made in person at the Town Hall or Symphony Hall Box Office. This includes all complimentary ticket value bookings unless the booking is made at the counters at Town Hall or Symphony Hall Box Offices.