Robe hire

Academic Dress

J Wippell and Company are the official gown suppliers for Aston University. All gowns should either be hired or purchased from J Wippell and Company and not from any other supplier. 

Book your graduation gown: www.wippellgownhire.co.uk

Telephone: +44 (0)1392 254234

You will need to know the date and time of your ceremony, as well as your 9-digit student number when booking.

What is academic dress?
Full and appropriate academic dress comprising of a gown, hood and hat must be worn by graduands. Graduands cannot be presented at the ceremony unless appropriately gowned. 

Please note that if you wear a turban, then this will exempt you from wearing an official graduation cap.

Smart attire
The ceremonies are formal occasions and we recommend that candidates should dress smartly and advise business dress. We suggest: 

Men: a suit with a plain shirt and tie. 
Women: a plain dress or a white blouse with a suit skirt or trousers. 

We welcome national dress for international students and military uniforms are also acceptable. Jeans, t-shirts and other casual attire are not considered appropriate for graduation ceremonies.

We also recommend that you wear shoes in which you will feel comfortable climbing up/down steps and walking across a large stage. 

Booking your robe
Please ensure that you book academic dress in advance of your graduation. You are strongly advised to order your academic dress as soon as possible and at least 21 days prior to your ceremony. There is no need to wait for your final results before placing your order as orders can be cancelled or refunded in full if necessary

Prior to ordering, make sure you know your head circumference, chest and height measurements and have your credit/debit card details available.

Buttons, pins and hats
Clothing with buttons down the front is useful when securing the loop on the hood. The hood should lie at the edge of your shoulder and not be wrapped around your arms like a shawl. You may find it useful to take safety pins to hold your hood in place

Collecting your robe 
In order to speed up the collection of your gown, print out or have available on your phone your order confirmation email. Please show this to a member of the robing team when you collect your robes on the day of your ceremony. 

Gowns will be available from the Great Hall, Ground Floor of Aston University’s Main Building prior to the ceremony and can be collected from 8.00am (for the 10.30am ceremony), 11.00am (for the 1.30pm ceremony) and 2.00pm (for the 4.30pm ceremony). 

Returning your robe
Please note that the robes must be returned by 7.00pm to the drop off point in the Great Hall, you cannot leave robes at the Birmingham Town Hall.

Please note that there is no dress code for guests. 

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