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Aston Academic Robes

Academic Dress

Ede & Ravenscroft are the official gown suppliers for Aston University. All gowns should either be hired or purchased from Ede & Ravenscroft and not from any other supplier. 

Book your graduation gown through https://www.gownhire.co.uk

For general enquiries:
student@edeandravenscroft.com or telephone 01223 861 854 (national rate)

Before you order your robes, please ensure that you have the following ready:

  • Your head circumference (measure around the tip of your ears in a circumference), chest/bust and height measurements 
  • The date and time of your ceremony 
  • Your credit/debit card details 

The hire fee for Doctorate robes will be £58; Masters robes will be £51; Postgraduate Diploma/ Bachelor/Foundation robes and so forth will be £45 (full purchase details are listed on the Ede & Ravenscroft website).

Robes should be ordered in advance of your ceremony. 

The ceremonies are formal occasions and graduands should dress accordingly. A smart dress code is advised. We welcome national dress for international students and military uniforms are also acceptable. Please contact the graduation office for more details.

We also recommend that you wear shoes in which you will feel comfortable climbing up/down steps and walking across a large stage

Please note that
there is no dress code for guests.

Top tip: It's a good idea to bring some safety pins for your gown and hairgrips may be useful for your hat.

Please note that if you wear a turban, then this will exempt you from wearing an official graduation cap. If you wear a head scarf, your graduation cap will go over the top, but please measure your head with your scarf in place. 

Gowns should be returned to the Ede & Ravenscroft representative on the same day, at the same venue and at 6.00pm at the latest.

Collecting your robe 

In order to speed up the collection of your gown on the day of your graduation, print out or have available on your phone, your order confirmation email. Please show this to a member of the robing team when you collect your robes on the day of your ceremony. 


Robes will be available from the Great Hall, Ground Floor of Aston University’s Main Building prior to the ceremony and can be collected from:

·         8am (for the 11.00am ceremony)

·         11.30am (for the 2.30pm ceremony)