Hire your robes

Aston Academic Robes

Academic Dress

J Wippell and Company are the official gown suppliers for Aston University. All gowns should either be hired or purchased from J Wippell and Company and not from any other supplier. 

Book your graduation gown: www.wippellgownhire.co.uk

Telephone: +44 (0) 1392 254234

Before you order your robes, please ensure that you have the following ready:

  • Your head circumference (measure around the tip of your ears in a circumference), chest/bust and height measurements
  • The day and time of your ceremony
  • Your credit/debit card details 

The hire fee for Doctorate robes will be £48, Masters robes will be £46, Postgraduate Diploma/ Bachelor/Foundation robes etc will be £45 (full purchase details are listed on the J Wippell Ltd website).

Robes should be ordered in advance of your ceremony. 

Smart attire

The ceremonies are formal occasions and graduands should dress accordingly, ideally a dark suit with a plain shirt and tie, a dark dress or a blouse with a suit. We welcome national dress for international students and military uniforms are also acceptable. 

Jeans, trainers and t-shirts and other casual attire are not appropriate for graduation ceremonies.

Top tip: Clothing with a button front is preferable for attaching your hood. It's a good idea to bring some safety pins for your gown and hairgrips may be useful for your hat.

Please note that if you wear a turban, then this will exempt you from wearing an official graduation cap. If you wear a head scarf, your graduation cap will go over the top. 

Returning your gown

Gowns should be returned to the J Wippell representative on the same day.