Register for graduation

When the online registration goes live via MAP from 10:00 (GMT) on Monday 15 January 2018. It is essential that you complete your graduation registration online using MAP by Monday 5 February 2018. For your graduation ceremony you will given three options:

1) to attend in person; 2) to defer your ceremony; 3) to graduate in absentia* (not attend the ceremony)

*Please note. If you choose option 2 or 3 you must still register online via MAP even if you wish your degree to be conferred in your absence or wish to defer to a future ceremony. 

1) Attend your ceremony with or without guests

Check that you are eligible to attend and identify your graduation time and date. If eligible, please complete the graduation registration task on MAP. You will then need to read the ‘before your graduation’ information carefully to make sure that you hire your robes and book any guest tickets for your ceremony.

When you have confirmed your attendance please check your emails from the graduation office for further information about your day.

2) Defer your ceremony

If you are not eligible or unable to attend your graduation ceremony in March 2018, but still wish to receive your degree in person, you may defer your ceremony until a later date. Please ensure you register on MAP and choose 'deferment' in the registration form by Monday 5 February 2018. If you take this option, you will not receive your degree certificate until your award has been conferred at the selected future graduation ceremony. We would advise you to inform the graduation office at least three weeks prior to your ceremony date if you choose to defer. We will not be able to defer you if you do not give us three weeks advance notice. If you are in doubt as to whether you will graduate in March 2018, you must still register by the deadline of Monday 5 February 2018. It is possible for us to withdraw you from the ceremony if you subsequently cannot attend, but will NOT be able to include you in a ceremony after the registration closing date of Monday 5 February 2018.

Please not that any graduands who do not respond by the deadline will automatically be sent an 'in-absentia' email from the Graduation Office as we will assume you do not wish to attend your ceremony. 

3) Not attend your ceremony and confer in-absentia

If you do not wish to attend your ceremony in person, your degree can be awarded (if eligible) in-absentia by the University. Please ensure you register on MAP and choose 'in-absentia' in the registration form by Monday 5 February 2018. The University will then dispatch your certificate - once validated in the ceremony - either by Royal Mail or Deltec International (please note that there will be a charge for using Deltec) in the week following the ceremony. It will be posted to the address shown on MAP, unless you state otherwise.

Postal delivery can take up to three weeks and if you live overseas you should allow at least four weeks. If you are an overseas student, you may wish to send an address label in your native language, including your student university number via email to reg_studentrecords@aston.ac.uk 

Alternatively, you may wish to arrange for your certificate to be collected from The Hub - opening times are 10:00 - 15:00 (GMT) - which is located in the main building. The collection date is from Wednesday 4 April. If you elect another person to collect your award, they must have written and signed authorisation from you to do so (Download certificate collection letter) and they will need to bring some form of identification. 

It is NOT possible for the University to send your certificate in advance if you wish to go through in-absentia (not attend your ceremony or any future ceremony). Your award must be validated by the Chancellor or designated representative at the ceremony before you can receive your certificate.

Debts to the University 
You will not be awarded your degree if you have any outstanding debts to the University or have any library books still on loan.

You can pay your library fines online here. All financial commitments must be cleared and all books returned by Friday 16 February 2018, regardless of the return date marked in the book. Students funded by employers or other external bodies must make sure that their sponsor pays any amount due by this date.

We would advise you to clear your debt without delay.