Childcare arrangements

Children under the age of seven years old will not be permitted into the auditorium (regardless of whether you have managed to obtain a guest ticket for them) as these ceremonies are not suitable for young children. 

Aston University Nursery can offer nursery facilities for a limited number of children aged from 5 months to 5 yearsFor more details and to check availability, please telephone 0121 204 4562. Please note places are never guaranteed

Childcare places can be booked at Aston University Nursery whilst you attend your graduation ceremony. Places must be booked a month in advance as we cannot guarantee availability at short notice. You will be required to attend a visit to the nursery before your graduation day to complete the relevant paperwork so the nursery has the necessary information about your child.   

 The prices are:


Morning Session 7:30am – 1pm

Afternoon Session 1pm – 6pm

Full Day
 – 6pm 

Under 2 years of age




Over 2 years of age





If you require any further information please email nurseryenquiries@aston.ac.uk or call them directly on 0121 204 4562 or visit here.

Any young person over the age of seven is welcome to come along to the degree ceremonies but must have their own guest ticket. Children will not be allowed to sit on an adult's lap in the auditorium as this poses a health and safety hazard. Guests under the age of 16 need to be accompanied by an adult.