Meet the Committee

APRS is funded through the University Graduate School and affiliated with the Students’ Union.

APRS Committee 2016/17

The Society is run by two postgraduate students from each academic School and the current representatives of the APRS are: 

EAS Representatives: 


Pranav Vasanthi Bathri Narayanan

General: I'm doing my first year PhD in Mechanical Engineering but a lot of my work would involve immunology and biochemistry. It is a cross disciplinary research where I would be developing in-vitro human airway models to study the influence of the different components of E-cigarettes on human airways. 

Role on the Committee: I'm currently one of the two EAS representatives and also the student rep for EAS research strategy committee. My work as a EAS rep involves engaging with EAS research students and bringing forward any of their issues/ concerns to notice, organizing academic and social events and working in liaison with the other APRS committee members at university level events. As a student rep in the RSC, I along with the other panel members discuss various strategies to bring about an efficient research environment within EAS.

Interesting fact: I am a national level high and triple jumper. In fact, I had a tough time choosing- Athletics or Immunology? And here I'm now, with a medium sized paunch!

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ABS Representatives

Katharina Kils

Katharina Kils Treasurer

ResearchI am a current first year PhD student in Marketing/Management and represent the ABS postgraduate researchers with Adam.  My research focuses on when customer participation should be used by firms and when it should not.  Further research interests include marketing strategy and research methods, quantitative research in particular 

Interesting factIn my private life I am a big tennis and football fan and, being from Germany, I used to have a season ticket for Borussia Dortmund, which is why I was delighted about Jurgen Klopp coming to the UK as Liverpool coach. 

Adam Nix

Adam Nix

ResearchI am studying for a PhD in Management within the Economics, Finance & Entrepreneurship Group of ABS.  My thesis focuses on the impact that social factors have on organisation-level corruption and looks at this within the historical case of the US firm Enron

Role on the CommitteeI co-represent the ABS postgraduate researchers alongside Kat.  I also join the rest of the APRS committee members in working to help students get the most of their time here at Aston.

LHS Representatives


Samuel Westwood

Research: I am currently a third year PhD student investigating the efficacy of a new brain stimulation technique known as tDCS. My other research interests include language production, particularly instances where speech breaks down in healthy individuals, such as when a word is on the tip of the tongue. 

Role on the Committee: I represent LHS postgraduates alongside Lina Mikaliunaite in addition to being an APRS committee member. My role is to help ensure that any problems you might have are resolved, and to offer advice whenever I can to ensure you enjoy your time here at Aston. I, along with other APRS members, organise social and academic events that take place throughout the academic year.


Lina Mikaliunaite

Research: In my research I use the budding yeast (commonly known as brewer’s or baker’s yeast) as a tool to study the pharmacology of a large group of human drug targets (receptors). Together with partners from a pharmaceutical company we hope this technology will help to design better drugs.

Role on the Committee: I am a member of APRS committee and representative of LHS postgraduate students. Together with other committee members my task is to ensure the students get the most of their time at Aston. 

LSS Representatives

APRS - LSS rep - Chris

Chris O'Neill

Research: I am in the second year of my PhD research at Aston in LSS, trying to understand the key factors in the development of political cartooning in France between 1920 and 1944, particularly the role of two newspapers, Candide and Gringoire. My research interests include comics and cartooning, the French political system, and specifically bande dessinée, the French-language comic.

Interesting fact: I represented Scotland at Under-20 level playing Bridge, and I am an avid football fan. 

 Annina Heini

 Annina Heini President

Research:  I’m a first year PhD student in Forensic Linguistics.  In my research, I’m investigating the linguistics of police interviews with suspects (children and young adults) in England and Wales.  

Interesting fact:  I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Bern in Switzerland.  Our department was located in a converted factory building called “Unitobler”, which is where they used to make Toblerone chocolate until the mid 1980s.


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