Aston Postgraduate Research Society

The Aston Postgraduate Research Society (APRS) was founded in 2010 with the aim of encouraging collaboration between Schools and research groups which in turn could lead to further research, but more importantly, improve social and academic experiences of research students across the University. 

Meet the Committee

Click here to meet the APRS committee team.

Joining the Committee

If you would like to represent your School on the committee, please contact your School rep or the APRS President Alexandra. Details and procedures regarding the APRS can be found in this handbook

Becoming a Member

All new postgraduate students automatically become a member once they have enrolled. You will receive regular emails from your School society reps regarding events & other updates. To keep up-to-date with the latest APRS news, you can join us on our social media networks, which are shown on the right. If you wish to contact the Society Committee with any enquires, please email the APRS President Alexandra or your School rep.  


Regular events have been held since the Society was set up which include pub quizzes, TEDtalks and welcome events. There are plans to organise an international food fair, a poster event, and a summer ball in 2013/14 (click here to see more). Details of upcoming events can be found in our events calender.


There are also sub-societies linked to the APRS which are exclusive to each School; click on the following links to find out more: 


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Upcoming Events:

TEDtalks: Monthly TED talks forums every last Wednesday of each month. Includes informal discussion session of the TEDtalk accompanied by refreshments.  Contact Chris for more details. 

Next TEDtalk: TBA

EAS exclusive events: Click here to see a full list of upcoming events for EAS school research students only

Summer Ball: Save the following date - 28th May (Wednesday 7pm).

More events...

For more details email: Alexandra Pfeiffer: pfeifame@aston.ac.uk or your school rep.


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