Aston Business School Postgraduate Research Society

A warm welcome to the Aston Business School Postgraduate Research Society (ABSPRS) page!

The main aim of ABSPRS is to bring together researchers with the intention of establishing a network of support among peers during their years of study. The Society, which was set up by students for fellow students, organises a diverse range of activities which will enhance both the academic and social aspects of research life.

Benefits of the ABSPRS and how to join

ABSPRS is part of the Aston Postgraduate Research Society (APRS) and it is supported by Aston Business School and the Aston Graduate School. The idea for the Society stemmed from the fact that research students might spend their tenure at Aston only knowing a handful of people that constitute their research group. In that vein, the primary objective of the Society has been to improve social cohesion by organising regular social evenings, BBQs and pub quizzes, but also academic events, such as research colloquiums.

The best part is that you don’t have to do anything! By being a postgraduate research student in ABS, you automatically become a member of ABSPRS and APRS. The Society is Students' Union-affiliated and is also recognised as a legitimate body by the School's Research Committee. This means that you get the best of both worlds: great socials and a mechanism for your voice to be heard by those who can really make a difference when it comes to important things like your research and other concerns.

The Society Exec and how to get involved!

The representatives of ABS in the APRS are currently: 

Katharina Kils

Adam Nix

Please get in touch with us regarding any matter that you find important for the society. We look forward to hearing from you.