One-off Volunteering

In addition to our schemes that require a longer commitment, we also encourage students to take part in one-off volunteering activities.

These are perfect if you have a limited amount of spare time, but would still like to get involved in volunteering.

Volunteering has numerous benefits such as:
Supporting your local community,
Enhancing your university experience,
Helping a good cause,
Meeting new people,
Improving your confidence and job prospects.

In the past, these one-off activities have included:
Helping out at food banks,
Completing conservation work in local parks,
Bake sales,
And even taking part in Birmingham's Santa Run!

We send notifications out about these activities and events as they arise, so sign up for updates here.

Student Volunteer Week Conservation
Student volunteers doing conservation work at a local park
Student Volunteer Week Bake Sale
A Bake Sale organised by students to raise money for the 'Aston ANTS' project

"40% of student volunteers are so deeply affected by their volunteering experience that their career path takes a completely new direction." (Student Volunteering UK)