Volunteering in Schools

Aston volunteering in classrooms
Volunteering in a school is a great way to spend your time supporting young people. We have a number of volunteering opportunities where you can put your knowledge and experiences to good use and help the classroom teacher or even deliver your own sessions.

Recruitment is now open for these opportunities. Please come along to one of the information sessions below to find out how to sign up:

  • Weds 12 Oct, 1-2pm, Room G63
  • Weds 19 Oct, 1-2pm, Room G63
  • Thurs 20 Oct, 1-2pm, Room G63

What is Reading Buddies?

Reading Buddies is a volunteering scheme where students support primary school pupils with their reading. Reading is such an important skill in life; you could play a part in helping learners develop their reading abilities.

What do Reading Buddies do?

If you take part in this scheme, you will be placed in local primary school where you will work either on a one-to-one basis or in small groups, helping learners with their reading.  
You will receive comprehensive training to cover techniques you can use and guidance on how to run the sessions.  

Specific content of the sessions is set out by the individual schools and you may work with different learners and/or on different tasks each week. 

When would I be volunteering?

The Reading Buddies programme lasts for 10 weeks and you will be in the school for around 2 hours each week. Student volunteers are expected to commit to the full 10 weeks in order to complete the scheme and qualify for certification. We individually match you to a school based on your availability and never ask you to miss lectures to attend sessions. 

Where would I be volunteering? 

Aston University has strong links with local primary schools. The Outreach team will individually match you to a school that is within easy travelling distance from the university or, if you live at home, from there. We try not to place volunteers anywhere that would take you more than half an hour to get to on public transport, and many schools are much closer than this. All public transport expenses are reimbursed so you won't be out of pocket for dedicating your time to volunteering. 

What is Student Tutoring? 

Student Tutoring is a rewarding and well established volunteering programme where Aston University students volunteer a morning or afternoon a week for 10 weeks in a local secondary or post 16 school.

What do Student Tutors do?

Student Tutors support pupils with classroom activity, under the supervision of a Teacher. The type of activity you will be involved with will vary dependent upon the school you volunteer with. You may be asked to work with specific students on an individual basis or with a small group, supporting a wide range of national curriculum subjects.

When would I be volunteering?

Student Tutors are expected to complete 10 half-day sessions or more in order to complete the scheme and qualify for certification. We ask Student Tutors to volunteer around 3 hours a week for 10 weeks. Student Tutors are match to a school based on your subject and tutoring year group preference.

Where will I be volunteering?

 Aston University has strong links with Secondary and Post 16 Schools in the local community. The SRO office will use a range of different techniques (distance, degree subject, etc.) to match you to the school that you will work with throughout your voluntary experience. We will reimburse your public transport expenses so you don’t have to pay anything to volunteer.

Numeracy in Nechells has been successfully running for four years - we are looking for Aston University students to volunteer in primary schools in Nechells supporting a small group of year 4 students who are aged from 8 to 9.

As a volunteer you are needed to commit two hours a week to work with a small group of students, delivering interactive maths activities.

The aim is of the project is to to break down some of the barriers to learning associated with maths. 

We are pleased to tell you that Numeracy in Nechells in now ready to recruit volunteers! If you are interested in volunteering on this project please register online and complete the Students Into Schools application. 

If you have any questions please get in touch email SVO@aston.ac.uk 

The schemes have been running for several years at Aston University.

There are numerous benefits for volunteering, including: 

  • Making a positive difference to the children in the local community
  • Enhance your University experience
  • Improve your communication skills with different groups of people
  • Improve your career prospects 


Many of the schools we work with really need support in giving children one-to-one support with reading. This can make a huge difference to the children's achievement and progress.

Previous students have described their time on the schemes as: 

  • Rewarding
  • Good work experience and a great way to develop employability skills
  • Fun!


All volunteers will receive a University certificate which will acknowledge students volunteering contributions.  Your volunteering hours will also be added to your student record.

Volunteers are invited to the annual Outreach celebration lunch which takes place in May. We also encourage all students to register their volunteering hours with Changemakers and the 'V' Award, which is a nationally recognised award.

Most importantly, you will make a difference to schools and young people in the community and help them achieve their full potential.

Student Testimonies


‘I am so glad I was able to take on this opportunity and definitely hope to continue with something similar in the near future before applying for the scheme again next year. Thanks Outreach team!’

Amy Evans-Rayner
First Year Psychology student

Amrita SRO

‘I have used the Numeracy into Schools project as an example in several interviews as it demonstrates my willingness to help others as well as my communication and teaching skills.’

Amrita Ahluwalia
Second Year Accounting for Management student