How to get involved

Pre-arrival E-mentoring

All new students will be e-mailed and invited to have a Pre-arrival E-mentor after they have accepted their place at Aston. Or simply send us an e-mail to ask to be matched to a Pre-arrival E-mentor.

Transition Mentoring, Placement Mentoring and Final Year Mentoring

For Transition, Placement and Final Year Mentoring, before you can begin mentoring all mentees and mentors are required to attend a training session. Training is fun and interactive and will give you all the information you need to get started as a mentor or mentee. We will register you as a mentee or mentor at the session. Formal training sessions have now ended, but you can still get involved by coming to the office for a one-to-one training session.


Please e-mail peermentoring@aston.ac.uk to book your session.

If you have attended Peer Mentoring training in a previous year or you are currently out on placement then simply e-mail us to request a registration form.

Graduate Mentoring

If you are a Final Year Student or recent Aston Graduate and would like information on Graduate Mentoring and how to get involved please click here.

Postgraduate Mentoring

For information on Postgraduate Mentoring and how to get involved click here.

Any questions? Then send us an e-mail or pop into our office - MB369A - on East 3 in the pink quadrant of the Main Building. Take the H lift at the back of the Great Hall to the third floor and turn right.

Learner Enhancement Team

Baljit Gill - Head of Learner Enhancement
Victoria Carroll - Peer Mentoring Officer
Modasar Rasul - Learner Enhancement Officer
Mandeep Kundra - Learner Enhancement Assistant

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