Peer Mentoring Celebration Evening May 2014

This year’s Peer Mentoring Celebration Evening was held on Friday 9th May 2014 to acknowledge, thank and reward the hard work and commitment of undergraduate students at Aston who have been involved in mentoring their peers this year. Professor Helen Higson congratulated the mentees and mentors on their dedication and achievements, and presented the students with certificates and awards for their participation.

Awards were given to the following mentors, who had offered outstanding support to the students they mentored:

Amandeep Kaur - Pre-Entry E-Mentor of the Year

Daniel Wicks – Transition Mentor of the Year

Ricky Mistry – Final Year Mentor of the Year

Peer Mentoring Scheme
Ricky’s mentee said the following...

"I cannot tell you how much I appreciate being allocated to Ricky as my mentor, as he has been always approachable, gone the extra mile and beyond my expectations. The advice he gave will definitely remain with me long term if not lifelong. He is so genuine, helpful and kind that even when the scheme is finished and he graduates, he will still be an aid to my self-development and learning. Without him I definitely would have not been able to excel as much as I currently do, because the advice given has been absolutely invaluable."

More photos from the evening are available to view on Flickr

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