Peer Mentoring for new students

First Year, Foundation Year or Exchange Student?

Benefit from having a mentor during your first year at Aston!


Peer Mentoring is available for all students who are new to Aston. You might be new to Birmingham and/or the UK, living away from home for the first time or returning to education as a mature student.
Having the support of a current student, who remembers what it was like for them when they started at Aston can help new students to settle in quickly and make the most of their time here.

We can match you on degree programme, or on other criteria which are important to you depending on the mentors we have available.

This is a separate scheme to the pre-arrival e-mentoring, so if you'd like contact with an Aston student before you start then read more about it here.

To get involved please e-mail us mentoring@aston.ac.uk 

Mentors provide their Mentees with support on:
  • Finding services on campus
  • Making friends and getting involved with student societies
  • Getting to grips with University processes
  • Dealing with the 'culture shock' of a new environment
  • Shopping and budgeting
  • Finding out about transport and getting about
  • Finding things to do and places of interest in the city
  • Achieving a good life/study balance
  • Coursework, module choices or exams and revision

What do our students think?

Watch a video of Lilit, a Peer Mentor, talking about Peer Mentoring.

Laurence was a Pre-arrival E-mentor and a Peer Mentor to both a student from his subject and an exchange student.


  • "Excellent - gives students the support they need to fully maximise their university experience.”
  • "Brilliant to be supported by people who have been where you are and have got through it."
  • "It made me feel better about being at university."
  • “I felt that because I lived off campus I was missing out to some extent and at times felt isolated. I thought that to have a mentor to help and reduce those anxieties would make any other worries I might have easier to manage.”


  • "It's a great experience to be able to help others based on your own experiences."
  • "I feel that I was able to help my mentee and I think my mentee found the information very valuable and helped her to prepare for university life. I gave her information about the University, parts of the course, the workload and other general advice.”
  • “I enjoyed helping first year students settle in, being available to answer any ‘silly’ questions that arise while entering university life and environment, and it gave me the chance to think about positive aspects of university life and refresh my knowledge about the subject”