Student Ambassadors: Schools & Colleges Liaison Office

The Schools and Colleges Liaison Office helps prospective students, parents, teachers and careers advisers who are looking for further information about University and Higher Education. The team aims to give applicants and their advisers the chance to make an informed choice about their Higher Education options.

Gill Clark in the Schools Liaison Office coordinates the Student Ambassador Scheme and recruits current students to help with a variety of work - both for the Schools Liaison Team and for other departments all over the University. Find out more about the type of work Student Ambassadors get involved in.

The Schools Liaison team is made up of:

  • James Seymour - Head of Schools and Colleges Liaison
  • Gill Clark -  Schools Liaison and Marketing Officer
  • Lisa Anderton - Administrator
  • Laurice Wilson - Schools Liaison Officer
  • Amandip Bisel - Pre 16 Enrichment and Access to Professions
  • Angela Morris - Sixth Form Enrichment

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