As a student of the University, you will be responsible for ensuring that the annual tuition fees for each year of your programme are paid. This includes where the fees are being paid by a third party, such as a Company, Government Authority, Embassay etc.

The University requires full payment of tuition fees, unless you have selected the 'Instalment' option when completing Stage One of the online enrolment or re-enolment.  All instalments are expected to be made using the Online Card process.  Cash or Bankers Draft will not be accepted as instalment options. If you have queries regarding the payment of your fees please contact:

Finance Centre - Credit Control

Currently it is not the policy of Aston University to offer a discount if you pay your fees in full prior to the due date.

If your programme commences after the main enrolment period in October for example the start dates are; January, April or July, you will need to discuss arrangements for payment with a member of the Credit Control staff in the Finance Centre.

The tuition fees are raised by the Registry Office of the University (see contact details below). All tuition fee invoices will be sent automatically to your Aston University email address, once you have formally enrolled onto your course. It is very important that you check your Aston University student email on a regular basis. If you have opted to pay by instalment method i.e.; Online Card Payment a schedule/invoice will be emailed to you. Reminders of over due payment, sanctions  and a monthly statement of account will all be sent  to your Aston University student email.

Registry and Planning Services
The HUB (Advice Zone)
Main Building
Aston University 
Aston Triangle
B4 7ET

Email: Registry@aston.ac.uk 

If a third party, typically a Company, Research Council or Government Institute is paying fees on your behalf you will need to provide a letter from your sponsor.  This document must be on headed paper or an official purchase order, stating: 

  • The student name 
  • The amount they will be contributing, e.g. 50%, 100% or a figure can be given e.g. £5000
  • The academic period that they are paying, whether they are just paying for 2016/17 or state that they are paying for the whole duration of the programme you are on  3 or 4 years
  • A contact name for Aston's Finance Department
  • A full invoicing address and email address for the area responsible for making payments