The University will invoice you at the start of the Residential Year, showing the amount due for each term. Your invoice will be handed to you when you sign and collect your keys. The term 1 instalment is due immediately, the term 2 instalment is due at the start of term 2 and the term 3 instalment is due at the start of term 3.

The invoice also covers vacation periods for which you will be charged, i.e. Christmas and Easter.

Invoices will cover the period of stay in Halls of Residence as setout in the Information and Conditions of Residence (sometimes called the Residences Licensing Agreement).

You can pay the Residence Fees by a number of payment methods

Should you fail to pay the Residence Fees, as indicated on your residence invoice, University sanctions will be applied and you may be required to withdraw from the Halls of Residence.

Term Due Dates

Term 1

26th September 2016

Term 2

9th January 2017

Term 3

3rd May 2017

University Sanctions for Residence Fees

The following sanctions will be applied should you fail to meet the payment dates:

For Term 1 and 2, failure to pay (including your cheque being returned by the bank to the University as dishonoured), on the due date will result in a “Notice to Vacate” being served. After 28 days, if you have not paid the outstanding amount in full or vacated your room, the University will apply for a Court Order, and the full legal process will commence.

For term 3 the University Solicitors will commence debt recovery proceedings against you, if you fail to pay the amount due on or before the due date. This will replace the “Notice to Vacate” process. In addition an application for University accommodation for the following year will be rejected.

Facing Financial Difficulties


If you are facing financial difficulties please seek help and advice as soon as possible from:

The Hub Advice Zone
Ground floor, Main Building
Tel: +44 (0) 121 204 4007


Advice & Representation Centre (A.R.C)
Email: sac@aston.ac.uk
Website: www.astonguild.org.uk following links to advice