Learning resources

High quality learning resources are vital for a successful student experience. We've made significant investments to ensure you have access to the facilities you need to study. A few examples can be found below:

You said: "We need more open access PCs around campus"

  • We've installed additional PCs across campus - Aston University now has over 1500 PCs around campus for student use.

  • Many IT centres across campus are open 24 hours. Real time information screens (for example in the Main Building foyer) include information on available computers

You said: "We need more places in the University to do group work and connect to wireless internet."

  • The Aston University Library was re-opened after a major extension and refurbishment in 2010. This has increased space and improved the study environment for group work and individual study.  

  • We've recently created six new social study areas in spaces near the sky lifts where you can use wireless laptops. 

  • The Loft in the Guild was also opened in 2007 to offer PCs, wireless internet, social study spaces and a presentation suite. Go and take a look on floor 2 of the Guild.

  • From 2010, Cafe Lago (main building floor 6) is being piloted as an additional student social/study space along with the new 250 seat Cafe Tierra opening on the ground floor. 

You said: "What investments are you making in the Library?"

The library has undergone significant developments recently in addition to the massive refurbishment in 2010:

  • Library & Information Services launched a mobile version of the Library Catalogue during 2011, making it easier than ever for students to find books as they go round the Library shelves. This is also accessible through mobile devices. QR codes are also available for all books on the catalogue

  • Over the summer 2011, the Aston e-Library was upgraded making it simpler to search for journal articles and link to the full-text

  • In the autumn term 2011, LIS launched a series of 5-10 minute Podcasts for students, researchers and staff,  covering topics such as what to do if the book you want is not on the shelves

  • An additional colour printer is now available, so there is one on the ground floor and one on floor 2.  All the printers in the Library are supported by a pager call-out service when the Help desk is open

  • Self-service fines and fees payment has been introduced as well as self-issue of reserved books. This means you can pay fines and collect reserved books whenever the library is open

  • As of January 2012, there are over 80,000 e-books available to staff and students.  Approximately 16 per cent of books on reading lists are available as e-books

  • We have introduced more plasma screens, so wherever you are sitting you are never far from the latest information about library services.

You said: "The availability of printers can be an issue at busy times"

  • Twenty new ‘heavy-duty’ and environmentally friendly printers have been installed in the library and elsewhere on campus. 

  • A new system called ‘follow-me’ has also been implemented, allowing you to print on any printer using your ID card. This solves the problem of operating different printer credit systems.

You said: "What about download speeds in University residences"

  • In September 2009, we installed a new internet system in residences. This offers a reliable 10Mb service to every student and has been successful to date.