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Touch Pay Refund Information

At the end of the academic year, if you are returning to Aston in September 2014, the funds on your Touch Pay account will not expire. If you finish in June 2014 with £20 on your account, it will be ready and waiting for you when you return to campus in September.

For final year students who have a balance outstanding at the end the 2013/14 academic year, if the balance on your card exceeds the value of £5.00, we can arrange a refund if requested. Please note, refunds will not automatically be processed at the end of the year.

ALL refunds must be requested in person through the Catering office in G10 in the Main Building or by emailing catering@aston.ac.uk. Any refunds requested directly with finance will be refused.

Please note, due to the end of the academic year and financial year in June and July respectively, any refunds requested by students after 31st May 2014 may not be processed until after 30th August 2014.

In order to obtain a refund, Catering@Aston require your uniCARD in order to refund any outstanding balance and close your account. PLEASE include a contact email address as we will require account information in order to process your refund.  

You can return your card to CafeTierra Food Court in the Main Building. Simply place your card in a sealed envelope with a contact email. Please ask a member of the catering team to speak to Carly Hawthorne, Food Court Manager, and she will collect your card from you. If you would like your card returned to you, please include your address in the envelope.

Alternatively, if you have already left campus, please send your card to:

Touch Pay Refund Request
East G, Main Building
Aston University
The Aston Triangle,
B4 7ET

Please also include a contact email and your address if you would like us to return your card to you.

As per the terms and conditions, your refund will be processed, wherever possible, within 28 days of your card being received.

If you have any queries regarding your Touch Pay refunds or account, please email touchpay@aston.ac.uk

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