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Use your ID card to buy food.
10% each time you use it.
No catch, just great savings!


Touch Pay allows you to load money online onto your student ID uniCARD and use it to pay for food and drink on campus.


What’s the benefit?

· You save 10% all day, every day.
Pay for your food and drink using Touch Pay and save 10% when you do. There are no restrictions, you can save Monday to Friday, all day in CaféTierra and CaféLibro!

· It’s quick and convenient.
You don’t have to carry cash with you and when you get to the till, all you have to do is swipe and you’re done!

· It’s flexible and built around you.
You can use the card at your convenience, there are no exclusions, if the outlet’s open and you have funds, there’s a world of food waiting for you. You can also upload money to the card to suit you. All you have to do is login online and add funds to your account. 

Exclusive discounts!
s a Touch Pay account holder, there will be exclusive discounts throughout the year such as complimentary energy boosters at exam time and brand new meal deals throughout the year!

So if I sign up, how much would £350 buy me?
Over an 11 week term, £350 will buy you two meals a day*, Monday to Friday, and that includes one hot meal! That’s great food at a great price while you’re studying.

Are your parents or guardians worried you might not be eating properly while you’re away from home?
The Touch Pay cashless payment scheme gives you the perfect way to ensure you have money set aside exclusively for food. The card can be loaded with funds before you arrive on campus and you can top up throughout the year if you’re running low. You can even ask your parents or guardians to treat you throughout the year, maybe for birthdays or Christmas as they can log in from home using their own computer.

*Based on purchase of £2.99 Meal Deal at Lunchtime (Sandwich, bottled drink and crisps or fruit) and taste sensation C from the Traditional Hot Counter in the evening with a drink (£3.35)

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