Terms and Conditions for DINEAU meal plan

These apply to DINEAU Meal Plans purchased for the 2014/15 Academic Year.

1. DINEAU Overview

1.1 DINEAU is a pre-purchased meal scheme for Aston University students which enables money to be paid in advance and then allocated daily to enable students to budget for food and non-alcoholic beverages during term time.

1.2 All Aston University students, when registered on the DINEAU scheme will have a virtual ‘purse’ setup on their Aston University Student Cards (uniCARD), allowing them to spend their allocated daily allowance against food and drink within the CafeTierra Food Court.

1.3 All meal package service provision is delivered by Catering@Aston, Aston University’s in house catering department with meals redeemable from the CaféTierra Food Court.

1.4 DINEAU will not permit access to any food outside of the outlet above. For example: the meal plan cannot be redeemed within the Students' Union Bar.

1.5 A set value of £10 per day will be loaded onto the student ID uniCARD. This amount will refresh daily. Should additional funds be required, any outstanding balance may be settled using cash or students may wish to take opportunity of the TouchPay cashless payment scheme running alongside this package deal for additional savings across University catering outlets. Information and terms and conditions for the standard TouchPay cashless payment scheme are available online at www.aston.ac.uk/catering.

2. DINEAU Accounts Eligibility

2.1 Only students of Aston University will be eligible to apply for DINEAU packages.

2.1.1 External organisations who wish to participate in their entirety in the DINEAU scheme will be considered on an individual basis through the Catering Department contacting catering@aston.ac.uk

2.2 A DINEAU account is personal to the registered DINEAU account holder.

2.2.1 Any dealings that are necessary will be with the account holder.
2.2.2 Although account holders can arrange for a third party to make payment for  their account on their behalf, we will only deal with the registered account holder.

3. Opening an Account

3.1 A DINEAU account can be registered for:

3.1.1 Online via www.aston.ac.uk/catering
3.1.2 In person with the Catering Manager, G10, Catering Office, Main Building, Aston University.

3.2 To activate an account following registration, the payment of the registered package must be received by Catering@Aston in advance of term time commencing. Appropriate monies will be automatically allocated to your catering account.

3.3 The account will become active once payment has been confirmed by Catering@Aston and the applicant has activated their Student ID uniCARD by using the Metro Terminal within CaféTierra, Ground Floor, Main Building, Aston University.

3.4 Student uniCARDs and replacements are issued through Aston University’s ISA Department, 4th Floor Main Building, Aston University between Monday – Friday 10.00 – 17.00.

3.5 The Aston University Catering Department reserves the right to refuse acceptance onto the DINEAU scheme.

4. Online Payments

4.1 Online payments for the DINEAU schemes can be made following registration via the online booking form at www.aston.ac.uk/catering.

4.2 Use of the online payment system is governed by the applicable terms and conditions at the relevant time.

4.3 The University accepts no liability if it is unable to accept card payments due to technical problems.

5. Card Ownership

5.1 The uniCARD will remain the property of Aston University at all times.

5.2  It is the responsibility of the card holder to ensure that any lost or stolen cards are replaced via ISA to ensure they are able to continue to redeem their meal plans.

5.3 If you are unable to obtain a replacement card to redeem your meal plan, students MUST contact either the CaféTierra Food Court Service Manager or Catering Operations Manager prior to meal plan times. Managers are available by asking in the CaféTierra Food Court or by visiting the Catering Office in Room G10, Main Building, East G.

5.4  Student ID uniCARDS are subject to the Aston University and Information Systems Aston terms and conditions. It is the card holders responsibility to ensure the card is not misused.

5.5 Any misuse of the card in relation to the DINEAU meal plans may result in a student being withdrawn from the scheme with no reimbursement for outstanding meals.

6. Communication

6.1 Communication with DINEAU account holders, once registration has been completed, will be via their registered Aston University email address. Students MUST enter their student identificiation number at the time of making payment online to enable their plan to be activated.

6.2 It is the obligation of the registered DINEAU account holder to inform us of any changes to their contact details. Notification of changes should be made via email to catering@aston.ac.uk.

7. Areas of Availability

7.1 DINEAU scheme is redeemable ONLY within the CaféTierra Food Court, EAST G, Ground floor, Main Building, Aston University.

7.2 The meal plan allows students to purchase food and non-alcoholic drinks within the CafeTierra Food Court.

7.3 The meal plan can be redeemed between the hours of 08.00 – 11.30 and 14.30 – 18.30. The meal plan will only be available to redeem  during these periods.

7.4 Meal plans only apply Monday – Friday during term time. Any deviation from this will be communicated in advance by the Catering@Aston office.

7.5 No other catering outlets or services will accept the DINEAU meal plan, however standard Touch Pay cashless accounts can be used to purchase food and beverages in such areas.

7.6 No transfer of money or reimbursement will be made to the DINEAU packages should services be purchased in alternative outlets or not be consumed during the allotted period.

7.7 £10.00 (GBP) will be loaded onto the card between 19.00 and 07.00, daily, Monday to Friday during term time. These funds must be spent by 18.30 on the day, any funds that have not been spent cannot be transferred and will not carry over to another day.

7.8 The student ID uniCARD must be presented at point of purchase to redeem funds. The provision of service will be refused without a valid uniCARD.

7.9 DINEAU meal plan funds will expire at the end of each day. For example: if unspent, the £10 loaded onto a card on Monday 6th October 2014 will not be available after 18.30 on this day and cannot be transferred to another day or refunded. A new value of £10 will be loaded onto the card for the following day.

7.10 It is the account holder’s responsibility to ensure they redeem their meal plan funds. Unredeemed funds will expire at the end of each day.

8. Topping Up and Extending Meal Plans

8.1 Account holders and third parties may want to extend their packages by each term (if not purchased for the full year in advance) through making additional payments in advance of the term start date. Meal plan extension and payments must be made through contacting catering@aston.ac.uk or online at www.aston.ac.uk/catering

8.2 Additional payments must be processed at least 72 hours prior to the commencement of the following term to allow the DINEAU meal plan to be activated on the student’s ID uniCARD.

8.3 The minimum top-up payment will be one term’s package charges. The maximum top-up payment will be one year’s package charges.

9. Termination/Suspension of DINEAU by Aston University

9.1 The DINEAU scheme has no scheduled end but will be reviewed by Aston University on an annual basis.

9.2 The University reserves the right to terminate or suspend the operation of the DINEAU scheme for any reason at any time.

9.3 Registered DINEAU account holders will receive a full refund of any outstanding funds in the event of termination or suspension of the DINEAU scheme by the University.

9.4 Catering@Aston reserve the right to alter or amend these terms and conditions at any time with prior written notice of at least one term.

10. Withdrawal from DINEAU by Account Holders

10.1 Account holders may withdraw from DINEAU at the end of the term, and must provide written notice of withdrawal to catering@aston.ac.uk at least 10 working days before the end of the term.

10.2 On withdrawal from the DINEAU scheme, Catering@Aston will refund any monies due for any full terms not yet commenced.

10.3 An administration charge of £10 will be incurred and deducted from any funds due.

10.4 If no written withdrawal is received, Catering@Aston will assume that the account holder will continue to redeem the funds as per their meal plan package.

10.5 Refunds from unspent funds on a DINEAU account will not be provided automatically in the event of an account holder leaving the University. The account holder must request to be withdrawn from the DINEAU scheme to obtain a refund and the terms and conditions as outlined in 10.2. and 10.3. apply.

10.6 Any funds retained under above outlined withdrawal terms and conditions will remain within the University and invested in future student projects.

10.7 Funds credited to the students card on a daily basis must be consumed on that day. No refunds will be given for unconsumed services, no carry forward to other days will be possible.

11. Inactive Accounts

11.1 It is the account holder’s responsibility to ensure they redeem their funds for any meal plans purchased. Catering@Aston accept no responsibility for funds not redeemed and no refund or transfer of unspent funds will be possible.

12. Refunds

12.1 Aston University will use all reasonable endeavours to return all eligible refunds as outlined in 10.2 and 10.3 on accounts to account holders within 28 days of termination of, or withdrawal from, the DINEAU scheme and all information being received to enable the Aston University finance department to complete the refund.

12.2 The refund will be made directly into the purchaser’s account and written confirmation of refund will be provided.

12.3 Payments made online will be refunded to the original credit/debit card once the DINEAU account has been deactivated.

13. Fraud

13.1 Once the uniCARD has been issued to you at enrolment, the account holder is responsible for the uniCARD incorporating DINEAU packages and the funds on the account unless and until the uniCARD incorporating DINEAU packages is returned to the University or is reported lost or stolen in accordance with these terms and conditions.

13.2 Account holders cannot loan their uniCARD to any other person. It is for the exclusive use of the registered account holder and not otherwise.

13.3 Anyone discovered attempting to defraud the DINEAU scheme will be subject to University disciplinary procedures and/or will be reported to the Police for further investigation/prosecution.

13.4 Account holders cannot transfer credits from their DINEAU account onto another account holder’s card or into their standard TouchPay account.

13.5 The uniCARD incorporating all catering services is not transferable.

13.6 In all transactions requiring the use of the uniCARD, the outlet will expect to be able to identify the holder of the uniCARD as being bona-fide. Failing this, the University has notified outlets to request that an individual offering a uniCARD for the purchase of goods or services produce an alternative form of ID.

13.7 The University reserves the right to retain the uniCARD at any time and in its absolute discretion.

14. Lost/Stolen Cards

14.1 In the event of an account holder losing their uniCARD they must as soon as is reasonably practicable report the loss of the card to the ISA/Security helpdesk:

Online at  http://www1.aston.ac.uk/ict/studentguide/unicard/lost/
Telephone:  0121 204 4803
Email:   security@aston.ac.uk

14.1.1 In order to prevent unauthorised DINEAU transactions, the account holder must “Hotlist” their card online through the “Lost Card” section on the TouchPay portal which will immediately disable it from further use until a new card is issued by ISA:

Online:  https://touchpay.aston.ac.uk/index.php  (24 Hours) (Preferred)
Telephone: (TouchPay Reception - 0121 204 5000 9am to 5pm only)
Email:  touchpay@aston.ac.uk (9am to 5pm only)

14.1.2 Following initial notification, and as soon as is practicable, the account holder must report in person to the ISA helpdesk on level four of the Main Building (Monday – Friday 09:00 – 17:00) to organise a replacement card and to complete the lost card report form and must be able to identify themselves as the bona-fide holder of the card.

14.2 Once the loss has been reported and recorded, as described above, the Account holder will not be liable for any subsequent transactions. A uniCARD reported as a “Lost Card” via the above website links will thereafter be void for the DINEAU schemes.

14.3 The account holder will be able to collect a replacement uniCARD from the ISA Helpdesk (with ID such as their passport, driving licence).

14.3.1 Where possible, a new card will be issued the same day.

14.3.2 The value of any unutilised credit on the old card will be transferred as a credit to the new card.

14.4 There is an administration fee for replacing a lost uniCARD ID card incorporating TouchPay.

14.4.1 The charge will not apply where the card has been stolen and a crime number has been obtained for the theft.

15. Corrupt/Damaged Cards

15.1 When a uniCARD cannot be read by the card reader at the payment terminal, the account holder will be asked to report to the ISA Helpdesk to obtain a replacement uniCARD.

15.2 In the instance of a card error at the point of sale, the account will be checked by a supervisor on duty and manually recorded to ensure the funds can be redeemed.

15.3 The account holder will receive a new uniCARD the same day and the ISA help desk will ensure it is activated ready to use on the DINEUA schemes.

16. Data Protection

16.1 Aston University undertakes to meet the conditions of the Data Protection Act 1998 when collecting personal data. The data collected will only be that offered by the user and will only be used for the purposes of the DINEAU scheme and will not be disclosed to any unauthorised person or organisation.

17. Feedback Procedure

17.1 All feedback regarding any aspect of the DINEAU scheme where possible should be made on the day to the manager on duty to allow an immediate resolution where possible, alternatively by email to catering@aston.ac.uk within 48 hours of occurrence. Full details of Catering@Aston’s feedback process can be found on the website.

17.2 General feedback for the DINEAU packages should be made to the Head of Catering or Marketing Manager via:

17.2.1 The www.aston.ac.uk/catering website, “feedback” section

17.2.2 Email to touchpay@aston.ac.uk

17.2.3 In person at Catering@Aston’s Office, G10, Ground Floor, Main Building, Aston University.

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