Restaurants and coffee bars: opening times

What's open during Aston Welcome,  from Monday 29th September...
We know you'll be settling into residences, getting to know your flat mates and one or two freshers' events, so don't worry - we'll have coffee and breakfast ready and waiting, every day! 

 CafeLibro 8.30am to 3pm 
 DolcHeVita 8am to 5pm
 Tierra Food Court 8am to 3pm
 MBA Snack Bar  12pm to 2pm 

When term officially starts from Monday 6th October, we'll be back to full opening times...
These apply Monday to Friday, so you'll always be able to find something to eat and drink on campus.

 CafeLibro 8.30am to 8pm 
 DolcHeVita 8am to 4pm
 Tierra Food Court 8am to 8pm
 MBA Snack Bar 12pm to 2pm

SUMMER VACATION 2014 from Monday 16th June    
Hours apply Monday to Friday. The below times may be subject to slight change.

CafeLibro: 10am to 3pm
DolcHeVita: 8am to 5pm
Tierra Food Court: Reopens at start of 14/15 Academic Year
MBA Snack Bar: 12pm to 2pm

Term Time opening hours
The times for each of the Catering@Aston eateries are listed below. These are currently applicable to the Current Term and may be subject to change on a weekly basis. Any changes to these times will be added to the website on a Friday by 3pm.

Tierra Food Court - Individual Counter Opening Times

The Traditional Foods counter will open for breakfast with a full English, breakfast baps and pastries from 08.00 until 10.30, 11.30-14.30 for lunch and 16.30 - 20.00 for dinner.

The Deli healthy eating bar opens from 10.00 - 15.00 serving salads, baked potatoes, soup, delibreads with choice of fillings and a choice of smoothies and freshly squeezed orange juice.

The World Food experience is also open from 11.30 - 16.30 with freshly cooked world dishes from the Orient, India and Mexico. You'll also find the delicious Chicken Joe's meals, all of which are halal.

The Coffee Bar opens at 08.00 - 18.00 offering fresh Costa coffee, tea, hot chocolate, premium sandwiches, paninis, pastries, flap jacks and other treats.

The Grab and Go hub opens from 09.00 - 18.30 with an extensive choice of thoughtfully priced sandwiches, baguettes, soft drinks, crisps, chocolate and other confectionery.

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