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The 2016/17 Aston Meal Plan allows you to pay for your food and drinks at the start of the Academic Year in September, or at the start of each term. We can automatically spread the money out over the whole term/year for you, so you'll always have money budgeted to eat on campus.

  • Booking now open for Term 2 Meal Plans - Pay £487.50 by 06.01.17, we'll do the rest.

  • Payment now available with PayPal.

  • £37.50 is automatically added to your student ID card, each week, to purchase food and drink in the catering outlets on campus, Monday to Friday at a time to suit you. 

  • Make sure you use your balance each week, funds do not carry over to the following week. 

  • £37.50 is based on allowing £7.50 (or two meals) per day, Monday to Friday.

  • It's a great way to budget and means you're guaranteed money for food, right up until the last day of the year or term.

  • You can't withdraw the money as cash or use it for alcohol, so it's great peace of mind for parents.

How does it work?
Meal Plans are a budgeting tool. You pre-pay an amount in advance for a full term or the full academic year. Once you've paid, every week, £37.50 will automatically be loaded onto your student ID card for you to spend on food and non-alcoholic drinks. This refreshes weekly; if you do not spend all of the money each week, the balance will not carry over to the following week. The plan cannot be used in the student bars on campus or to purchase alcohol. This works out to approximately £7.50 per day, Monday to Friday.

When can I use it?
You can use your Meal Plan from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday during Term Time.

Where can I use it?
You can use your Meal Plan in Tierra Food Court with six different food outlets providing everything from a Full English breakfast and COSTA Coffee to a salad and sandwich deli, Cafe66 with sandwiches, salads and hot foods, you can also use it in CaféLibro, serving sandwiches, paninis, Starbucks Coffee and soft drinks - Ideal if you're studying in the library. You can now use your meal plan at Eros Coffee Bar, too!

Will £37.50 be enough for a week? What if I need more?
We've worked out the meal plan allowance to equate to approximately £7.50 per day, Monday to Friday. This should give you enough to cover two meals a day (Check out our menus below to see the kind of dishes on offer and the prices) so you can enjoy a balance of freshly prepared food on campus and cooking in your halls of residence. 
Don't worry, if you want to spend more than the £37.50, you can use cash, credit/debit card, or the  university cashless payment scheme called "Touch Pay" that runs on your ID card.

What if I have a dietary requirement? 
We cater for all sorts of diets on a daily basis, including halal, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free. If you have any specific dietary requirements that you would like to check we are able to accommodate within the meal plans, or any other questions regarding the catered packages, please email catering@aston.ac.uk.

What is the difference between the Meal Plan and Touch Pay?
The meal plans are a budgeting tool, to ensure you have money set aside for food, every week, during term time, whereas Touch Pay is a more flexible option where you can top up as you go. The meal plans require you to pay a fixed amount upfront, with money automatically made available on a daily basis. The meal plans work well if you're living on campus and want to eat on campus every day.

Touch Pay has less of a financial commitment up front and allows you to load as little as £10 and is designed to give you the freedom to spend when you want with money that never expires. It's more flexible if you're not on campus every day. Touch Pay also gives you a 10% discount at the till, each time you use it. It's our way of saying thank you for eating on campus. We'd recommend Touch Pay if you don't want to commit to three meals a day or if you're living off campus and won't necessarily be on campus to eat three times a day.

We've taken your feedback on board for the Meal Plans and you can now choose from an even great range of dishes when you're on the Meal Plan. Here are just a few of the dishes available in the Tierra Food Court:


"The Big Breakfast" Full English Breakfast
The Vegetarian cooked breakfast
Cereals     Porridge     Breakfast Baps from     Slice of buttered toast with jam 
Glass of fruit juice 

Your COSTA Coffee favourites
Americano     Latte/Cappuccino     Mocha     Tea 

Jacket Potato with baked beans or cheese
Jacket Potato with Tuna or Chilli
    Fresh deli made baguettes with choice of fillings 
Salad shakers
Range of sandwiches from £1.99 and paninis
Hot Wok sweet and sour vegetables with noodles
Szchuen Pork with noodles
Hot Wok meal deal with noodles and bottled soft drink

Beef in pepper sauce with potatoes and vegetables
Breaded haddock with potatoes and vegetables
Honey and Sesame pork with potatoes and vegetables
Mixed bean casserole with potatoes and vegetables
Lancashire Hot Pot with potatoes and vegetables
Seafood paella
Hot puddings

Pastries and Croissants
Chocolates, Cakes, Muffins, Flapjacks, Shortbreads and other snacks
500ml bottles Coca Cola, Pepsi, Tango, 7up
Bottled water
Grab and Go Tea, Coffee and Hot Chocolate

There's plenty of other food available too... this is just an example!

If you have any specific dietary requirements that you would like to check we are able to accommodate within the meal plans, or any other questions regarding the catered packages, please email catering@aston.ac.uk.

   Catering@Aston, Room MB G10, Aston University, Aston Triangle, Birmingham B4 7ET 

Choose whether you'd like to pay by term or for the full year, you will then be directed to the Aston University "Quick Pay" website where you can enter your details and pay using a credit or debit card. Your plan will then automatically be activated at the start of Term in September. When you make your payment online, this is taken as acceptance of the terms and conditions. The full Terms and Conditions are available, on request. email catering@aston.ac.uk

Payment links for 2016/17 plans are now available...

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Term 2: 9th January to 7th April 2017: 13 Weeks/65 Days


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Term 3: 1st May to 9th June 2017: 6 Weeks/ 28 Days 

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