Training & Development

Your School will provide a range of training and development opportunities.  In addition, the University offers a wide range of other opportunities delivered by a number of central services which have specific expertise and experience in the areas that they cover.  These Departments coordinate their activities through a Graduate Development Team which comprises:
The training courses that these Departments offer cover a broad range of generic skills that support your ability to succeed on your programme and skills that will prepare you for future employment.  The course provision is mapped against the national Vitae Researcher Development Statement and in broad terms the courses cover:

  • Research Methods
  • Research Skills
  • Personal Skills and Effectiveness
  • Professional and Career Development Skills
  • Working with Others
  • Teaching
  • Communication Skills
  • Business Skills

Access to these courses is an inclusive part of your learning experience at Aston, and we encourage you to talk to your Supervisor about which courses you should do and how you can schedule them over your period of research.

In addition to the courses, each Department in the Graduate Development Team offers other opportunities that are more personalised and often one-to-one. 

There are also 'Vitae' resources available to research students and staff.

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