University-wide Poster Competition 2013

This annual poster competition is taking place on 6th December 2013.  This is a university-wide competition, open to all MPhil/PhD students, and will take place in MB727, seventh floor of the main building. 

The competition requires you to present your research in a poster that is ‘in layman’s terms, that is, understandable to a member of the general public’.

Rules of entry

  • poster must be A1 size (59.4cm x 84.1cm)
  • poster can be either portrait or landscape
  • A4 versions of the poster may be used as handouts in addition to business cards.  No other handouts may be used.
  • no additional material may be used or added to the poster (e.g. laptop demonstration, speaker in poster, anything stuck on the poster, flaps or lifts on the poster, illustrations requiring 3D glasses are not permitted)
  • entrant name, title of poster and name of entrant’s university must be clearly  presented on the poster
  • one QR code at the top right hand corner of the A1 poster WILL be permitted.  The QR code will be for information only and used in the same way as a website address on a business card.  Students will only be able to share the additional information gained from the QR code AFTER judging has finished.  Students should NOT use the QR code as an alternative to illustrating their posters or explaining their research clearly to the judges.  Judges are not permitted to view material gained from a QR code until after judging sheets have been returned to the event organisers

Aston University will be awarding four prizes (£200; £150; 2 x £75).

Entry procedure
To enter the competition, please complete the application form and return it by email attachment to s.j.hosten@aston.ac.uk or paper copy addressed to Sarah Hosten, Staff and Graduate Development, Room MB728, by Friday 15th November 2013.  You do not need to submit your poster by this date, but obviously, it will need to be printed/produced by yourselves by 6th December 2013.  Details of the procedure for the day of the competition will be sent to entrants subsequently.

Competition and judging 
On the day of the competition, students will be expected to verbally present their research and poster to judges.  Ten minutes is allocated for this and students should be prepared to answer questions from the judges.  A further five minutes for questions is allowed.  A formal presentation is not required.  Judges will work in pairs and students will be assessed on a minimum of two occasions, although this is subject to review depending on the number of entrants.  Please note that whilst your supervisor may provide guidance, the design of the poster including wording and layout must be your own.

Additional information
All MPhil/PhD students are invited to enter the competition, from first years to those nearing submission of their thesis. There is no requirement to have conducted any primary research before entering, and you are not required to publish any results unless you choose to do so.  

Timings will be allocated so that students need only attend for one hour during the day, but must return for the presentation of awards at 4pm (subject to change).  Lunch will be provided, and all research students are invited to join us whether participating in the competition or not.  Lunch will be served at 12.30; venue to be confirmed.

If you wish to join us for lunch but do not wish to enter the competition, please email s.j.hosten@aston.ac.uk so that ample catering is ordered.  Non-entrants are also invited to view the posters and/or join us for the presentation of awards.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research