Other learning support

Learning Development Centre
The Learning Development Centre (LDC), located in the Library, provides innovative and practical support for the skills that underline learning at Aston.  It offers an inclusive service, helping all Aston students develop the skills necessary for their own academic and professional success.  If you require any assistance with your study skills, visit the Centre; workshops, one-to-one sessions and a wide range of learning resources are available.

Centre for English Language and Communication
The Centre for English Language and Communication (CELCA) offers support classes and one-to-one tutorials for international students (non-EU) who may be experiencing some difficulty with their written or spoken English.  If you are an EU student (not UK) whose first language is not English, you may also be eligible for support after assessment of your English language skills.  When contacting the Centre, please make it clear to Centre staff that you are a postgraduate research student, as it makes a difference to what may be available to you.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research