Research grant application guidance and support

Guidance and support relating to research grant applications is provided directly by the Research Support Office (RSO) in collaboration with academic Schools.  Training sessions addressing specific discipline/subject processes and issues can be provided.  To enquire further about such opportunities, please contact the Associate Dean for Research for your School or the appropriate Research Development Manager in the RSO:

ABS:  Jane Crier (j.crier@aston.ac.uk)
EAS:  Paul Knobbs (p.r.knobbs@aston.ac.uk)
LHS:  Karen Woodhall (k.a.woodhall@aston.ac.uk)
LSS:  Kevin O'Reilly/Sally Puzey (k.d.oreilly@aston.ac.uk; s.a.puzey@aston.ac.uk)

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research