Workshop and short course programme

Workshops and short courses are available throughout the year on a wide range of research-related and professional development topics.  Use the online course directory and booking system to view courses and to reserve your place or to add your name to a waiting list.  We regularly schedule courses from the waiting lists, and you will be automatically notified when a place is available to you.

There are no costs for these courses, for either you or your department.  All we ask is that if you sign up, you turn up; there are significant costs associated with providing the courses - particularly when we use external consultants - so it is important to fill every place.  If you find that you are unable to attend a course after all, please use the on-line booking system to cancel your place.  

Please direct any enquiries you have, including any issues with the on-line booking system, to the ResearcherPlus Team.  The Research Secretaries/Co-ordinators in your School will also be able to help you.

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