Training and development in Learning & Teaching

Workshops and short courses
We offer some development opportunities relating to Learning & Teaching through our workshops and short courses.  These are:

  • Demonstrating in laboratories
  • Demonstrating in computer laboratories
  • Tutoring small groups

Research students may be required to have attended a relevant workshop before they are allowed to provide paid support to other students – please check with your School. 

Please register your interest through the online course directory and booking system

Aston Certificate: An Introduction to Learning & Teaching in Higher Education 
The Aston Certificate: An Introduction to Learning and Teaching in Higher Education provides the opportunity to develop an informed and appropriately student-focused approach to the delivery of teaching and learning support.  It is designed to meet the needs of part-time teachers, particularly research students and research staff, who do some teaching to students enrolled on programmes in Higher Education.  The course allows participants to gain knowledge and expertise in delivering and designing teaching, learning and assessment, related to the practical context in which they work.  The emphasis is on developing teachers who reflect upon their own professional practice, who understand teaching as facilitating learning, and who seek to improve the quality of the teaching in which they are engaged. 

This course is an Aston University 20 credit level 7 module leading to the award of an Aston Certificate.  Successful completion of the programme entitles participants to recognition as an Associate of the Higher Education Academy.

The course aims to help you develop your teaching skills as well as to strengthen your professional knowledge and values.  On completion of the course you should have:

  • Developed and demonstrated your knowledge and practical skills as a teacher and supporter of students’ learning in higher education

  • Improved your design of teaching sessions through analysis, research and reflection on practice, using concepts and practices drawn from work experience, the literature and from colleagues

  • Clarified and strengthened underpinning professional values of respect for individual learners; of using the processes and outcomes of research and formal study in professional practice; of supporting diverse and inclusive participation in higher education; and of commitment to your own development. 

To join the course, you must be able to meet the following criteria:

  • You should be a research student or a member of staff who teaches or supports students’ learning in higher education contexts

  • Have delivered, or be able to deliver during the first six months of registering on the course, a minimum of five teaching sessions to students enrolled on a Higher Education course.  

Please register your interest through the online course directory and booking system.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research