Useful Links

The following links provide information about studying and the student experience in Higher Education. These have been selected because they are easy to follow, clearly presented and contain student testimonies about experiences in university.

Useful Links

Useful Links on Study Skills

Edinburgh Napier University


This site presents information and practical advice for new and future university students from current students from a range of different backgrounds: school leavers/college leavers or mature students. The information is presented in both text and podcast form and addresses a number of issues, including how to get started and how to manage studies at university level.

University of Central Lancashire


This website is written in language which is very easy to understand and it provides advice from students on different aspects of student life including: managing your social life, study skills and learning environments at university.

University of Birmingham

In addition to student testimonies on student life, this interactive site contains a mixture of activities and podcasts which enable you to discover your learning style, to plan assignments, to extract information from text books.

Open University

The following link is focused on learning and provides tips which will help you become an effective learner in Higher Education. It is a very thorough website and if you have time, it is worth exploring this website as it could help you develop a range of skills. It covers a number of areas such as: motivation, reflective learning, setting targets, time management and other skills such as reading and note making and using maths and statistics in assignments.

Useful Links on Exams and Revision

If you would like further information about exams and revision techniques, you may find the following links useful:

University of Leicester


This website contains information/advice about the whole process of revision and exams. It is clear to understand and covers lots of issues including: revision as an individual process, active revision, writing for exams, memory techniques, timing during exams.

Open University


This website is written in a clear way so it is easy to understand and includes information on several things, including: revision techniques, different types of exams (written/oral/practical) and managing stress.

University of Manchester


Another useful website with information on revision techniques, exam strategies for during and after the exam and managing stress.

Aston University


This podcast consists of Paul, one of Aston’s counsellors, giving practical advice on dealing with exam stress and is a link to one of the services available to support Aston students throughout their time here.

Useful Links on Academic Writing

Royal Literary Fund


This is a very well structured website and easy to follow. It breaks down the sections of essays/dissertations and other types of writing which you may find yourself facing at university. It provides advice on the purpose of each section and practical questions which will enable you to extract key pieces of information from you research which you need to include.

Using English for Academic Purposes


This site contains information on a number of academic areas including reading and academic writing. The section on writing contains information on a number of issues which you should find useful, such as: structure, vocabulary and plagiarism.

The Institute of Education


In addition to information on structure, this site also contains information about writing critically and developing an argument within essays which is something which a number of students new to university often struggle with and should therefore find this site particularly useful.

The Open University


Another useful website with information about the types of writing which you may be faced with, the stages of producing and academic piece of writing, writing in paragraph and using academic language.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research