Adam Massey

Adam Massey
Learning Technologist
I joined Aston in 2004 to work on the Advantage West Midlands funded Business and Learning Connections project. Initially as a general assistant, I ended up building the website for the project which enabled users to register and download the materials [1] for use in their own institutions.

The end of the AWM project coincided with the establishment of CLIPP where I work supporting technology enhanced learning across a wide range of tools including Aston Replay (aka Panopto), Blackboard, PebblePad, Turnitin, Equella and many more.

I'm very keen on improving the experience our staff and students, and as such I've spent a lot of time working on TLC - Aston's Technology and Learning Community. The first stages of which have recently gone live, which give detailed documentation, guides and tutorials on how to use the tools on offer at Aston.


[1] Although the site is no longer online, materials produced have been uploaded to Jorum and are available under a Creative Commons licence.

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