Good Practice Guides

Inter-cultural Skills

Cultural Competence of First-year Undergraduates Dr Regina Herzfeldt (2011-07-05)

Intercultural Training for International Placement Students Dr Regina Herzfeldt (2011-07-08)

It Takes Two to Tango: If You Want Students to Harness CulturallyDiverse Syndicate Groups for Their Learning, Assure High Interdependence andStudents Value Cultural Differences Yves Guillaume (2011-07-05)

Teaching Intercultural Communication to Postgraduate Students inAston Business School Dr Kathryn Ainsworth (2011-07-08)

Teaching and Learning Reflections

The Apprentice: Make as much money as you can in 24 hours Dr Duncan Shaw (2011-07-08)

Assessed Group Presentations in a Final Year Module Dr Matthew Olczak; Dr David Saal (2011-06-27)

Betwixt Spaces and University Places: Student Accounts Of TurningPoints in the First Year Transition Dr Mark Palmer (2011-07-08)

Bringing Learning Outcomes to Life – Mapping, Storytelling andImagination Dr Michael R J Butler (2011-07-08)

Broadening students’ learning experiences: a mock exam in companylaw Dr Robert Goddard (2011-07-08)

Challenging Students And Activating Thinking With RhetoricalQuestions In A Lecture Setting Dr Mark Palmer (2011-07-08)

Creating a Positive Learning Environment for Non-EU Students Catherine Foster (2011-07-08)

Does Attendance Matter? Dr Gary Simpson; Anne Essex (2011-07-05)

Encouraging non-assessed participation in case presentations Dr Paula Jarzabkowski (2011-07-08)

Enhancing Employability Skills in Environmental Management Studentsthrough Learning Innovation Dr Anne Wheeler (2011-07-15)

‘Going Live’: Using the Internet in Real Time During Lectures Dr Nick Lee (2011-07-08)

Group Viva with Jeremy Paxman Dr Duncan Shaw (2011-07-08)

Involving the Family Widening Participation in Aston BusinessSchool Catherine Foster; Dr. Helen Higson (2011-07-08)

Is Strategic Management Education Relevant In Practice? SomeEvidence from An Alumni Survey Prof Paula Jarzabkowski; Dr Monica Giulietti (2011-07-08)

Leadership Development through Embedded Learning – The Case of‘Strategy for Future Leaders’ Dr Michael J.R. Butler (2011-07-08)

Old Problem, New Solution? Is Anti Plagiarism Software Packages TheAnswer To Students’ Academic Misconduct? Dr Josie Kelly (2011-07-08)

Preventing the Avalanche – How To Offer Effective Learning Supportto A Large Student Group without Becoming Snowed Under
Dr. Patrick Tissington; Qin Zhou

Restructuring the Process of Dissertation Supervision Allocation Dr John Rudd (2011-07-08)

Sharing of presentations using Blackboard Prof John S Edwards (2011-07-08)

Simulating a hostile meeting Dr Duncan Shaw (2011-07-08)

Tackling students’ learning passivity: Developing new practices Dr Josephine Kelly (2011-07-15)

Paperless Examination Boards Lindsey Allsopp; Rebecca Daly; Anne Essex; Jenny Holt; Laura Hawkridge (2011-07-08)

Thinking Creatively About Learning – The Reflective Mindset Dr Michael J R Butler (2011-07-08)

Training the University Teachers of the Future: ABS PostgraduateTrainee Academics Programme Dr Helen Higson (2011-07-08)

The Use of Activities in Lectures Dr Stuart Cooper; Matt Davies (2011-07-05)

Use of Workbooks Roger McDermott (2011-07-08)

Using Blackboard™ to Augment Student Learning In Large Classes:Experiences and Lessons Learnt From a Leadership Class
Dr Michael Grojean; Yves R. F. Guillaume

Using Module Reviews to Enhance Learning as a ReflectivePractitioner: A Module Review Exemplar Dr Naomi Brookes (2011-07-08)

Using reflective Learning to Stimulate Comprehension andApplication in Executive EducationTerry Hodgetts; Prof Robin Martin (2011-07-08)

Utilising the Blackboard™ Discussion Forum for DevelopmentalFeedback Dr Jonathan R Crawshaw (2011-07-08)

Video Nasties: Emerging Educational Technologies Odette Hutchinson (2011-07-15)

Videotaping Student Presentations Stephanie Feiereisen (2011-07-08)

The Virtual Pedagogy Initiative Dr Carl Senior; Dr Michael JR Butler; Jon Wood; Peter Reddy (2011-07-15)

Voting Cards in Lectures: Promoting Participation and ProvidingFeedback Robert Goddard (2011-07-08)

What’s on Your Ipod?: Using Podcasts as a Learning Aid Pavel Albores (2011-07-08)

Why Social Mobility Matters: E-Mentoring In Law, A Strategic Plan Odette Hutchinson (2011-07-15)

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research