Good Practice Guide

Over the past 8 years Aston Business School has published an annual Good Practice Guide.  This has included short articles from up to 60 staff over this period, reflecting on an individual innovative learning and teaching technique which they have developed.  Aston Business School has tried to encourage as wide range of staff as possible to contribute and have given incentives for them to do this.  As a result the School now has a resource of short articles which are available as OER. in this section 

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Peer Observation Training

Another highly effective feature of Aston’s Postgraduate Certificate is the session on how to carry out Peer Review and best practice in carrying out teaching observations.  This is currently taught via the use of Open Access lectures.  This will be developed as an OER, with the addition of templates and good practice instructions.  Videos will be used to show how to give positive feedback.  

dThe Centre for Learning Innovation and Professional Practice (CLIPP) was established at Aston University in 2008 to provide leadership in: teaching and learning innovation; technology enhanced learning; the deelopment of flexible and work-based 

Intercultural Awareness Competence

Aston University is a highly multicultural and multinational community and has sought to find ways to build on this position in a positive way which enhances the ability of staff and students to operate across global boundaries.  In order to do this they have investigated new methods of learning which would reach the learning outcomes more effectively than more traditional approaches.  To this end Aston has won awards for the work which they have carried out in partnership with the MAP Consortium, a group of creative artists working in a range of media.  Over four years Aston has developed this highly interactive activity, first with students, and then, because it was identified as being even more sustainable, with staff.  Aston’s Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Practice (compulsory for all new teaching staff) now incorporates this innovative intercultural awareness training.  In this section you will find the OER Aston developed which incorporates video footage of this work, evaluations of its effectiveness and research informed commentary on the development of this work. 

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