Aston Technology and Learning Community (TLC)

The new Technology and Learning Community web site (TLC): tlc.aston.ac.uk provides advice and guidance on appropriate and potential uses of technology enhanced learning (TEL). It is aimed at academic staff or students who want to know more about a particular technology and those new to TEL, who would like to understand the potential of certain tools. This website is being continually enhanced, and is being built for the use of Aston staff and students, so it is imperative that we get your feedback for improvement.


What is TLC?

The Technology and Learning Community (TLC) is a new web site designed for staff and students to learn more about the supported tools here at Aston. The website contains; guides, tutorials (how to), and case studies for each tool (i.e. Blackboard, Turnitin, pebble Pad)..

How do I locate the resources?

Enter keywords in the search box to be presented with resources that match your query. Or navigate through the site using the menus at the top of the page.

We use some very specific software in our School. Can I get resources to help me use that more effectively?

Unfortunately not – for the short term.  The TLC web site has been designed to support use of all centrally funded and supported learning tools.  If demand arises, we could promote the use of tools created at Aston, i.e. E-CAF or E-Math. 

I’d like to know when we are upgrading Pebblepad, and know when we have scheduled maintenance. Will TLC cover this?

Yes.  We have created an area for each tool to display current version, and give warning of any potential “down time”.

When I follow some of the links I am presented with videos or tutorials not created at Aston. Why is this?

This resource has been designed to contain the highest quality and most appropriate resources.  Those may be created at Aston, but more often, we have located useful resources created by the vendors themselves, or by other universities. We aim to present as many Aston “case studies” as possible – thereby promoting effective practice.

I am interested in technology enhanced learning, but not sure where to begin?

We have designed the web site to cater for practitioners who are keen to enhance or develop a learning approach, without necessarily knowing how technology could assist. The menu item at the top of the page called “Learning Activities” guides you through this route.

I know how to use a tool, but I'm keen to see how others are exploiting it. Can I find case studies that illustrate effective practice in HE?

Yes. This is one of the primary directives of the TLC website. We are busy collating appropriate case studies from within Aston and wider, that illustrate how certain tools can be exploited to enhance learning and teaching methods.

What does the word “community” pertain to?

As we continue to develop and enhance the site, we intend to design in discussion and feedback services that allow you to use the web site as a networking tool, to exchange ideas with other practitioners.