Introduction to Reflection and Reflective Writing

This section of the Aston ePortfolio website offers an introduction to the concept of reflection and reflective writing along with some exercises to help get you started.

What is reflection?

Reflection and reflective writing are a critical part of learning in higher education and an important skill as a graduate entering the world of work. The skill of reflection is of such value as it enables us to “evaluate experience, learn from mistakes, repeat successes, revise, and plan” (Swain, 1998).

Reflection is an important part of the learning cycle. It involves thinking for a purpose in a manner that improves learning outcomes. Reflection is also about analysing and evaluating individual learning. Perhaps most importantly, reflection in Higher Education involves thinking in a critical, rigorous and questioning manner - probing into how and what is learnt at university and beyond. In many ways, reflection is the most important aspect of being an effective student. In short, it encapsulates an ability to think critically and to challenge both yourself and others.

Dr Jane Andrews

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research