The benefits of using Aston ePortfolio

Benefits to learning and learners

  • Always offers the user the opportunity to reflect on all aspects of the e-Portfolio.

  • Over time users create a history of their personal and professional growth and can see how and where they have developed.

  • Provides a place where students can showcase their work in a variety of different formats e.g. blogs or webfolios.

  • PebblePAD is a user centred system not a tutor or lecturer centred system like blackboard.

  • Provides a form of authentic assessment especially for work-based courses and whilst students are on placement

  • Assists students in identifying their learning requirements and address those requirements accordingly.

  • Formative feedback can be provided from tutors before work is submitted.

  • Helps users to make meaningful links between classroom and more practical or placement based learning.

  • Facilitates lifelong learning by giving students ownership of their learning.

Practical Benefits
  • Convenient and easy way to record your personal, professional and continuing development.

  • Easy to share work with fellow students. This is especially useful if you are working in groups.

  • PebblePAD is web-based and therefore accessible from all over the world.

  • You can upload lots of different types of documents. This means work you have already completed can be uploaded for example word documents. You could also scan in certificates, upload photos and other types of media.

  • Easy and convenient way to record the pathway to professional accreditation.

  • The system is private to the user and work is only available to others when the user actively shares the work.

  • Full customisable so the system can look just how you want it to.

  • Available free for 1 year after graduation and only a small nominal charge thereafter.

  • The eportfolio can be accessed at anytime day or night.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research