What is an e-Portfolio

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The National committee of Inquiry in Higher Education recommends that universities provide their students with ‘a means by which students can monitor, build and reflect upon their personal development’. An ePortfolio is a fantastic way for Aston students to achieve this.

In its simplest form an e-Portfolio is much like the traditional artists portfolio in that it enables the user to keep a collection of work together in one place. However instead of, for example,  a group of paintings an e-Portfolio allows the user to keep a collection of digital or electronic items together such as word documents, photos, graphs, diagrams and power point presentations all within a single secure online environment. In this way an e-Portfolio is a record of achievement that provides evidence of the users abilities, skills and knowledge.

However the e-Portfolio system Aston has chosen for its students offers much more than just a repository for electronic documents. PebblePAD Aston’s e-Portfolio allows you to take charge of your learning and the goals you want to achieve at university and beyond. For example, PebblePAD allows you to take skills audits to appraise your personal skill set, create step by step action plans to help you achieve your goals and gives you the space to reflect on all aspects of your learning.

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