Learning Technology Copyright Guidelines

If you use or intended to use any learning technologies it is important to remember that, although it may often be legal and acceptable to use certain copyright protected materials in lectures and seminars (e.g. images in PowerPoint presentations or video clips from commercially available DVDs), it may not be legal or acceptable to distribute these electronically via Blackboard or any other system. A full set of guidelines are available, but as a rule of thumb third party materials should be avoided unless;

  • The copyright period in the material has expired

  • You own the copyright of the material

  • Aston University owns the copyright of the material e.g. University publicity material, other learning and teaching resources produced by the University

  • You have specific copyright clearance to use the materials in this way

If it is necessary and legal to include such materials in your lecture you can either pause the recording at that point (recommended) or edit out the material before releasing the recording.

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