Aston Replay Tutorials

These tutorials were last updated Nov 22nd 2010.

For Students/Viewers

The following tutorial is intended for any students or viewers who wish to get the most out of their lecture capture viewing experience. Staff members using lecture capture are encouraged to put the link to this tutorial in their Blackboard module in a student accessible area. Follow the link to the tutorial, then copy and paste the address into the external link tool in your module.

Getting the most from your viewing experience

This tutorial explains how to get the most from the Aston Replay experience, from the point of view of a viewer. It includes accessing content, the web interface, using search, making notes and more.
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For Staff/Presenters

The following tutorials are intended for any staff or presenters who wish to learn more about how to use lecture capture.

Provisioning a Blackboard module

This tutorial will show you how to link your module in Blackboard to Aston Replay/Panopto. This must be done before you can record any presentations.
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NOTE: Any changes in enrolment in a Blackboard module are not automatically carried over to the Aston Replay server, this is a manual process
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Making a Recording using Windows

Tutorial about using the Aston Replay/Panopto Recorder application.
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Printable quickstart sheet for making a recording in pool teaching rooms

Managing your Folders

This tutorial will show you how to change the folder settings for your modules. This includes how to manage access, podcasts, student notes amongst other features on a folder by folder basis. 
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Managing your Recordings\Sessions

This tutorial will show you how to change the settings for your recordings. This includes how to manage access, adding a pdf, edit name and description amongst other features on a recording by recording basis. 
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Copying a Recording Into Another Folder

If the lecture you're recording is delivered to students from more than one module, after you've finished recording it you'll need to copy the recording to the required folders.
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If you have any problems or require further help please contact Replay Support.

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