Learning & Teaching Research

CLIPP aims to create an environment in which learning and teaching research is valued and pursued with passion. Bringing together researchers from across disciplines and from different institutions, both nationally and internationally, knowledge and understanding will be developed to ensure learning and teaching practice creates the best student experience.

The research at CLIPP will be built around three key themes:


'The creation, evaluation and dissemination of knowledge to enhance and inform the understanding of learning and teaching'.


'The varied social, educational and professional interactions that inspire, motivate and engage the wider learning community'.


'Developing the potential to succeed in graduate level occupations and beyond'.

Current Research:

We are currently researching the effectiveness of personal tutoring at Aston, the impact of ‘Lecture Capture’ on student learning, plus the impact of CDIO principles on student engagement in engineering. CLIPP is also helping the University build towards creating a new and improved approach to gauging student satisfaction at Aston.

If you have any general questions or queries regarding research at the Centre for Learning Innovation and Professional Practice (CLIPP), then please contact us at:

Learning and Teaching Research
CLIPP, SW414, Aston Triangle,
Birmingham, B4 7 ET, UK.

0121 204 5235


'With Purpose, For Practice'


'With Purpose, For Practice'

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