Pebblepad and Placements: An aid to develop reflective practice or technological barrier

Nicola Bullivant, ABS

This project, and presentation, aims to assess whether PebblePad is an aid to develop reflective practice whilst students are on placement or whether it is more a technological barrier.

The ABS placement programme requires students to compile a Reflective Learning Journal throughout the year. This supports the notion advocated by Moon (1999):

Reflection, if managed in an ordered way, can provide great opportunities for learning, understanding and clarifying thought, both in one’s personal life and in learning and professional development.

However, reflective practice is challenging and is not a natural undertaking for all students based on their preferred learning approaches and styles (Kolb, 1984; Honey and Mumford, 1986).

In 2008/9, PebblePad was piloted (phase one) with a small cohort of students. 

The pilot has been extended, with phase two of the pilot taking place in 2009/10 whereby all ABS students have the option of using PebblePad to support the creation of their reflective learning journals whilst on placement.  Data has been collected from the key stakeholder groups – students, their workplace supervisors and their placement tutors to ascertain their perceptions on the usability of the PebblePad learning system based on their experiences.

This presentation will focus on the results of these surveys and will discuss future work and implications.