A searchable online collection of documentary and feature films for Aston students

David Pollard & Sarah Hayes, LSS  

The aim of this project was to investigate what would be necessary to provide students with access to an online collection of off-air recordings so they might pursue “further viewing” in the same way they pursue further reading.

In Aston at present, off-air recordings can be placed on Equella and then accesed via links in Blackboard. Limitations of this are: (a) students cannot search them, and (b) extra server capacity will be required if the collection grows.

A discussion was held between MLT, ISA and LSS staff. Two issue were identified: (i) ideally such recordings would be accessible to students through the library catalogue (ii) the BUFVC’s Box of Broadcasts service might offer a ready-made solution

Subsequently a discussion was held with LIS, LSS staff were polled regarding interest in BoB, and the BUFVC have been invited to present BoB in CLIPP on 19 January 2010.

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