Student Patient Counselling Interactions

Focus 11 is a programme used in the teaching of undergraduate psychology, which helps the students develop observational skills.  We are trying to use Focus 11 to improve the assessment of communication skills in pharmacy undergraduate students by using the “thin slice” capability of the programme. The importance of non-verbal communication in human interactions is the theoretical basis for the effectiveness of thin sliced judgement methodology.  We have tried to identify key components of non-verbal communication involved in pharmacy OTC counselling interactions and use them as the criteria with which to make thin slice judgements from video-counselling sessions.  The thin slice judgments will be correlated with the currently used assessment of the full videoed counselling sessions from which the thin slices have been obtained.  Hopefully, by developing a more robust, reliable and efficient assessment of counselling skills, more staff and time resources could be devoted to the development rather than assessment of these necessary skills.


Fiona Lacey
Life and Health Sciences

Presentation Date

12th June 2009