SMART Technologies

The SMART Technologies Project used a case study approach to investigate how SMART technologies - Interactive Whiteboard, Voting handsets and Syncroneyes Classroom Management software could contribute to a more effective teaching experience for staff and a more effective learning experience for students who are developing advanced Information Literacy, in preparation for their dissertation research. The technologies were used alongside existing teaching technologies (e.g. Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Captivate and online resources) and incorporated tailor-made video clips made in conjunction with Aston Media.  The video clips involved academic staff along with LIS staff who were talking about a range of topics from research skills to assessing the usefulness of resources.  The project focussed mainly on the potential for applying the technologies to face-to-face sessions with additional online resources being provided via Blackboard. 


Clare Langman
Library and Information Services

Presentation Date

12th June 2009