Practitioner Communication Skills Development in Interdisciplinary Subjects Allied to Medicine- a Pilot Study. Phase 1

Development of communication skills is integral to professional training at undergraduate level within LHS. Although students currently role-play scenarios with each other or staff members, they rarely have the opportunity to practice communication of bad news, deal with aggressive patients, complaints or to practise communication with other health care professionals.

The aims of this project were firstly (Phase 1) to develop a generic multimedia learning and teaching resource for communication skills in patient and professional interaction scenarios applicable across LHS and later (Phase 2) to develop and evaluate a rubric for assessment tailored to individual subject areas across LHS.

Three sets of video scenarios were produced during Phase 1 of this project to provide students with examples of best practice and examples of ‘less than best practice’, to promote discussion.


  • Patient –practitioner interactions within an eye examination setting


  • Patient-practitioner interactions within a pharmacy setting
  • Inter-professional interaction with GPs and other health care professionals

The presentation will outline the production of these videos which will be employed and evaluated during the teaching period starting October 2009.


Christine Hirsch
Life and Health Sciences

Presentation Date

17th September 2009