Pebblepad for submission during placements

Evaluation of Pebble Pad as a tool for submission of 3rd Year Pharmacy critical incident reflection during hospital placements.

Third year pharmacy students are required to submit two reflective pieces on critical learning incidents occurring during their hospital visits. These may be assessed by the pharmacy teacher practitioners or academic staff. During the first 11 weeks of term, half of the students (74) were given PebblePad accounts together with written instructions on how to submit their reflective work via PebblePad and the other half of the students were asked to submit identical material but as a word document via Blackboard. The written introduction to the students using PebblePad also encouraged exploration of the software by the students. 

Feedback was obtained from students via questionnaire regarding their experience of submitting their reflective work either using PebblePad or Blackboard. Tutors were also asked for their experience with regard to assessment and giving student feedback.


Christine Hirsch
Life and Health Sciences

Presentation Date

12th June 2009