What value do students on the MPharm course place on lecture attendance and how do they use lecture handouts?

The MPharm course consists of a balance of traditional lectures together with practical laboratory session, workshops and placements providing a variety of learning experiences for students. Pharmacylecturers have noted a perceived ‘poor’ attendance at lectures on the MPharm course. The provision of lecture notes in the form of Powerpoint handouts via the VLE has been suggested as one reason for non-attendance.

The aim of this research is to firstly to explore reasons for Pharmacy students’ non-attendance at lectures and to identify any significant factors affecting this, such as timing of the lecture, subject area and the perceived value of lectures. Secondly to understand how students use lecture handouts that are currently provided across all the pharmacy subject areas and thirdly to explore student views on e-delivered lectures. The outcomes of the study will inform the future teaching and learning strategy for pharmacy.

Focus groups were conducted with optometry and pharmacy students and a questionnaire developed. Results from the focus groups and questionnaire returns from 4th year pharmacy students will be presented.



Keith Wilson
Life and Health Sciences

Presentation Date

12th June 2009