Establishing good practice for on-going multi-disciplinary team design, build and test projects

Current recommendations from engineering bodies (IMechE, RAE, EC etc.) are that the best way to introduce students to the technical and organisational complexities of design is by multi-disciplinary team projects.  They recommend that more and better quality project work is needed, based around real life problems, ideally delivered in collaboration with industry.  Within SEAS we have been tasked with providing more of these types of projects based, in part, upon experience gained in existing projects such as Formula Student and Shell Eco-marathon.  A need exists to establish good practice in setting up, administering and running such projects.  It is necessary to make efficient use of all resources and develop methods to more effectively capture and pass on the learning achieved.  The aim of this research project is to investigate and establish good practice in the overall provision of multi-disciplinary design projects.


David Smith
Engineering and Applied Science

Presentation Date

June 12th 2009