Evaluating the use of Wikis for student group work within the Blackboard VLE

The aim of the project was to evaluate the use and effectiveness of Wikis as a group work tool, providing an innovative approach to group coursework and assessment in a pharmaceutics module within the M. Pharm. course.

A group of 5-6 students has five weeks to prepare a document, defend it in an oral presentation to a representative from industry and submit a written report. A wiki was created using the Blackboard tool for each student group. Each group member had editing rights enabling them to upload their text, edit and share resources to be used in preparation of their talk and written document.Student opinion regarding the wiki site, its usability and suitability for communication and assessment purposes was examined using a survey released after completion of the exercise. The results of the survey and the student feedback will be presented during the talk alongside the experience of developing the site within the Blackboard VLE, the problems encountered and the benefits gained.


Barbara Conway
Life and Health Sciences

Presentation Date

June 12th 2009