Enhancing student learning through good and helpful coursework feedback

The 2008 National Student Survey (NSS) revealed that: 44% of full-time students in England did not think that the feedback on their work had been prompt nor did they agree that the feedback on their work helped them clarify things that they did not understand (HEFCE, 2008). Four years since the first NSS survey, assessment and feedback remains the biggest concern. What are the core issues that prompted UK and indeed Aston students to express such a level of dissatisfaction in assessment and feedback? What can be done in the assessment and feedback process to facilitate student's learning. This project investigates students' view on assessment and feedback. The focus is on coursework, assignments and quizzes in Computing Science module(s). Its aim is to investigate:
  • what is perceived as feedback,
  • the types of feedback that are considered to be good and helpful,
  • student's past experience in receiving coursework feedback, and
  • the role of feedback in their learning.


Dr Sylvia Wong
Engineering and Applied Science

Presentation Date

June 12th 2009