Development of e-Learning Materials for Health Masters Programmes


Rachel Shaw
Carol Holland
Richard Cooke
Helen Pattison
Leon Neill
Jon Wood

Presentation Date

03rd September 2009
This project is developing and testing a number of initiatives to contribute to elearning activities with students enrolled on postgraduate taught programmes within LHS. Two lectures have been recorded using echo360 and uploaded on Blackboard. Feedback will be sought from current students regarding the quality of the video, sound, whether both picture and sound are required, size/visibility of the powerpoint slides and any further comments they may have. A help-style, non-linear programme handbook will be developed to be uploaded on Blackboard so that students may navigate this document online without needing to scroll through it all. A pre-registration statistics course is being designed using Blackboard’s quiz feature in order to help assessment of entry level knowledge. Within this quiz, we will also test the capacity to provide students with electronic feedback. Finally, we aim to test out an on-line group task facilitated either by the discussion feature on Blackboard or another chat medium. Learning materials will be uploaded on Blackboard and then students off campus will be asked to conduct a group work task.