Video assesment of practical manipulation skills

Everybody quotes different figures as to exactly how much you learn when you; see something, when you hear something and when you do something. The one thing they all agree is that ‘doing something’ is always the best way to learn. Constructivist teaching is an approach to teaching and learning based on the premise that cognition is the result of "mental construction". In simpler words, students learn by bolting new information onto what they already have. Its this projects hope we can bolt on the manipulation skills required for aseptic pharmacy manipulations to an overseas cohort of pharmacists with sizable and diverse skills and backgrounds. One to one teaching is simply just not practical but neither is supplying the written procedures.

This project focuses on the development of students existing skills to provide a suitable level of manual manipulation required for the production of injections within hospitals. Using a bolt on process to expand existing knowledge of the aseptic environment, students will build through a series of tutorial videos and practical manipulations before a final video assessment period.


Andrew Ingham
Life and Health Sciences

Presentation Date

12th June 2009